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Town Planning

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Private practice town planning firms are largely based on urban planning firms that had some grass-roots involvement with the local council, and after serving their time, have gone out on their own to provide services to the public. Most private town planners have absolutely NO…….

NO BUILDING or BUILDING DESIGN experience and rarely come from a design background.

They rely solely on their ability to interpret the council planning scheme wording, which is often fine. We believe that the design outcome is more important, and when we design a building or renovation, we automatically make sure that it will comply with the town planning regulations, and advise where it might trigger assessment, and of course, whether it is likely to be approved.

Often I am called to a project where another designer has provided drawings that simply cannot be built under the town planning scheme, and the home owner is left with useless plans. Don’t let this be you!

Every project needs to work in synergy with the surrounds, comply with a myriad of regulations, and of course meet its intended purpose, which in most cases involves looking good, being economical to build and providing the best resale value either now or in the future.

If your town planner is not a “Designer”, your design outcome might not satisfy all of your key requirements, or provide the best overall town planning outcome for your property.

Owen Batchelor (principal Designer), has been working with SEQ councils since 1987.

We have been preparing, lodging and managing all of our own Development Approvals for over two decades with an excellent success rate, sometimes even after others have failed on the same project.

  • Character assessments.
  • Small lot houses.
  • Town house dwellings
  • Units and Apartments
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Flood affected blocks
  • Small Lot Subdivisions

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Basic Town planning applications start from as low as $1500.

ECBDD pty ltd QBCC license no. 1010190 “Open Class Building Design”

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