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What’s the difference I hear you say?

A draftsman drafts plans and a building designer designs buildings. In order to provide building design or drafting services direct to the public, you must hold a “Building Design” license. Therefore the only difference is the level of professionalism or depth of services they can offer to the customer.

I am not licensed or registered as an Architect, therefore under the Architects Act 2002 cannot use the words Architect, Architecture, or Architectural to describe the services that I provide. I am licensed to “Open Class Building Designer” under the QBCC Act, which is regarded as being parallel and similar to an Architect in Queensland.

In most cases, you will only need to employ a Registered Architect if your project needs to be micro-managed through the construction phase, or if you need to have the words “Architect Designed” when describing your home. Architects have a valid place, but there are other alternatives.

Which one do I want?

To answer this question you need to figure out what you want from your design professional. If you know exactly what you want, and you just want cheap plans, then you are probably looking for a draftsman. There are a lot of cheap drafties out there providing limited services, but please make sure that they hold a current Queensland QBCC “Building Design” license for the class of work being performed, and are properly insured for the work that they carry out.

Which one am I getting from East Coast Building Design?

Owen Batchelor is a licensed “Open Class – Building Designer” which is widely regarded as being parallel and similar to a registered Architect in Queensland. Owen is not an Architect.

This means that we are licensed and qualified to design ANY building in the state of Queensland.

As building designers, we can bring value to almost every project, even a humble back deck. A good designer will look at your ideas, relate them to your property, lifestyle and budget needs and evaluate whether those ideas are right for you and if not, suggest ways to improve or redesign to suit. Even subtle changes can often make a huge difference in quality of life or the level of enjoyment you get from your home.

We are in the business of providing “Quality Lifestyle Outcomes”, not just cheap drafting of plans.


The value triangle.

Every business must decide where on the value triangle they want to do business. Anyone in marketing will agree that you rarely get all three, and you must decide which ones are more important. At east coast building design we believe that the finished product and customer experience must be of the highest standards. We also recognize that when you have made the decision to move ahead with your project, you want to see results fairly quickly. Quality Design and Great Service is therefore not going to be cheap. East Coast Building Design strives to provide the highest quality product in a reasonable time frame at a fair market price. We think this offers the best overall value to our customers, while ensuring that the project itself does not suffer.


Point of difference.

All projects and design services are delivered using Revit Architecture 3D software which allows us to provide full set of 3D views and camera angles to every project instead of flat drafted plans.

REVIT Architecture 3D allows the client to see their project from real-world view points, and to get an accurate view of the house. It also provides valuable tools for evaluating sun angles, material interaction and a wide range of other useful tools to make sure construction occurs seamlessly and accurately.


For full details click HERE and download the full PDF file – East Coast Info pack

Level 1 – Plans only

Level 2 – Plans with design

Level 3 – L2 + Consultant Coordination

Level 4 – L3 + Interior Design Coord

Level 5 – L4 + Builder referral / Coord

In addition to providing a wide range of design services, we also allow clients and customers to choose the services that we offer them. If you know what you want, and you just want quality plans, Level 1 is all you need. If you want somebody to foster your project through the processes and pit falls, and to help you understand the options and various stages, we can assist you as well.

East Coast Building Design can provide a wide range of design services, which vary from the basic back decks or small additions through to million dollar homes and major renovations.  For all projects in Brisbane, East Coast Building Design will conduct the town planning consulting in-house.  This gives us the benefit of ensuring that the design can be approved, right from the inception of the project.  Generally, our business is focused towards the residential market, though we have the skills and experience to handle all facets of the design market, including the following:

New Residences

Additions, Restorations and Renovations

Multiple dwellings


Units / Apartments

Rooming Accommodation

Dual Occupancies

Carports and Decks



Shop fit-outs


High Rise Buildings

Anything else you can imagine.

I have even designed a proper kids tree house for a client??

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