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Open Class Building Design

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Units / Townhouses / Apartments

Dual Occupancies / Duplexes

Rooming or Student Accommodation

High Rise Buildings

East Coast Building Design have experience in all types of multiple dwellings including units townhouses dual occupancies flats apartments and rooming accommodation.

rooming accommodation is a new classification to the Brisbane planning scheme, but has been around a while under the name of student accommodation but do you know the new regulations?

Units townhouses apartments are the backbone of small to medium investors in Brisbane, and the majority end up on small blocks and infilled around existing houses, which allows the average home owner to utilize unused land to become debt free. Want to know how?

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I have had great success gaining approvals for densities well in excess of the council regulated requirements up to 90% floor area ratios on 50% ratio sites, as well as extra storeys in height.

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Commercial and Industrial Buildings

In 2015 Owen Batchelor was endorsed by the QBCC to the level of “Open Class Building Design”.

This will allow us to design any building of any class with unlimited height or storeys. Have you noticed how many 4-6 storey buildings are popping up around the suburbs, especially close to villages like Nundah? The QBCC license “Open Class Building Design” is regarded by many as parallel and similar to an Architect in the state of Queensland, and the latest statistics show that Building Designers are now designing something like 80% of all residential and medium rise buildings. I have even redesigned a few that did not work, which were already “designed” by an Architect???

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