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Revit Template

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East coast building design has been working full time using Revit Architecture since 2008.

It has taken over 5 years to develop a basic Template and set of working files to operate Revit at a competitive level within the industry. We can now offer a service to other design professionals.

Unfortunately Autodesk and their resellers do not tell you when you buy your software that it will take months of hard work to get your office up to a proficient level using Revit or that most of the content they provide with Revit does not work properly or at all?

If you want a jump start into Revit, you need to buy a Template that works. It will save you tens of thousands of dollars in creation time and lost billable hours. Ask anyone using Revit properly and you will find that it cost them $20-30k or more just to build a working template and component system, and that’s not even accounting for the lost billable hours involved.

The template we are offering was created for use in my own residential building design practice, and has been amended and updated regularly to reflect my office needs. There will be some things that you will need to do before you can use the template, such as notes etc, which are always specific to your business, but with less than a day’s work, you will be off any running at full speed.

My office is primarily geared towards houses and renovations and the template was created for that exact purpose. It will not suit commercial building designers or engineering type users, or offices that use full engineering or architectural conventions on their plans. I decided to sell the template for one reason only – to recover some of the costs involved in building it, and I’m sure it will help other small businesses get a leg up into Revit.

Click HERE for a sample view of the TEMPLATE including notes to describe how this system will save you time and money, LOTS of money


Custom Revit Template:

So what can we provide for you?

Our Custom Revit Template will provide a complete start-up package including:

1. Title Blocks, Sheet layouts, with editable fields.

Sheet layouts can be customized to closely match your current sheet layouts if migrating from AutoCAD or another design package, within the limitations of Revit.

2. Sheet and view templates all created ready to commence drawing.

View templates have been created for such views as framing and bracing, where you only want to see certain things and in wire outline background form. Phasing has been custom set up to instantly show existing, proposed and future differently for ease of identification.

3. Detail and drafting views and sheet layouts.

A multitude of commonly used detail and drafting items, to suit most architectural drafting offices including drag and drop detail components and section profiles. Note fields are specific to your practice, so you will need to create note groups or cut and paste from your library.

4. A full library of model components.

Five years worth of collected, created and manipulated library components arranged in a farm like manner for quick cut and paste. Not all of these items are perfect, but you can add to it yourself through the various forums and portals and downloads online.

The library is comprehensive enough to start drawing complex residential models immediately, without having to update, change or fix components, such as the poorly constructed items supplied with Revit.

5. Training in your Custom Revit Template

We will install the basic files in your office (Brisbane only) and show you how to use the various parts. Even if you have not used Revit very often or you have just dabbled, it will be easy to pick up the logical process we have devised within the basic Custom Revit Template.

If you are located interstate, we can only provide phone or team viewer support, however the template still represents great value as compared to the cost of creating one yourself, or learning work arounds for the many limitations of Revit the hard way.

6 Tips and Tricks.

It takes a long time to learn how to get around the various short comings of any program, and Revit sure has its share. We will show you how we get around the most common ones, which is something you will not get from any other supplier of this nature.

7. Much MUCH more.

As previously mentioned, our Custom Revit Template has been set up to provide a fully functional “Start-up” template and drawing system so you can start preparing fully detailed professional models immediately, and proficiently. The price is a one-off charge, with no annual subscriptions or license renewal fees, and with minimal setup you can start quickly.

Please call me to discuss your requirements, and to learn how we can help you get started with Revit painlessly and seamlessly.

Disclaimer: This service is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Revit or Autodesk, or any resellers / partners. ECBDD  are offering this service direct to designers to assist them in getting started with Revit, and in the spirit of fair trade practices in Australia. Should there be any concerns with the service being offered, ECBDD will abide by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Click HERE for a sample view of the TEMPLATE including notes to describe how this system will save you time and money, LOTS of money

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