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Have you ever read bad testimonials?

NEVER, but they are out there no doubt. Lets face it, people are ten times more likely to write a bad review if they have been treated badly or ripped off. Try searching sites like “truelocal” or “aroundyou” and see who’s got negative feedback or reviews out there. So far I can’t find any negative reviews about us from over 25 years in business, so that’s pretty good right?

Every business can find half a dozen happy clients, or friends, or family members to write testimonials, but the key to success is keeping the next client happy. We don’t make you pay for anything until it is finished, and as you can see, our transparent contracts and website content ensures that if you are not happy, you don’t have to pay, so it’s in our best interests to make sure you get what you asked for, not what we think you need.

If you really want references….

I can provide direct contact details of past clients, builders and other contacts and what’s more, I will make sure that the testimonials we provide are for a similar project or client type, rather than something random, made up or not relevant???

I am my own testimonials. 25 years in business and still going strong.

Thousands of happy customers – every one are true testimonials.

Please visit the download page and see why we are different from the competition.


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